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My name is Adam Cook, and my passion is journalism and video editing.

I am part of the 21st Century Program e-Communication, which has 4 strands: Web Design, Graphic Design, Animation, and Video. Our freshman year, we get a taste of every strand by having a course in each strand for a quarter. Our sophomore year,  we pick 2 strands to be a part of. I chose animation and video. Then, our junior and senior years, we pick a singular strand to specialize in. I chose the convergence journalism strand of the video strand, as opposed to the entertainment video strand.

In convergence journalism, I have found my passion in video editing for sports, as well as doing stories around the school and hosting the weekly school news show, ONW Now.

I had been making highlight videos for fun in my free time for quite some time, and it finally found its use when I joined convergence journalism. ONW Now’s sports segment, Gameday Northwest, had its own intro inside of the show. I made Gameday intros full of highlight clips for the fall, winter, and spring sports seasons. Even though we have since changed the format of the show and it now does not include a Gameday Northwest intro, this gave me an opportunity to expand on my passion and gain some experience. This year, I have done some highlight videos to be played at assemblies, some to be put on ONW Now, and some to be posted online. All of them can be found in my portfolio page.

As well as getting experience with highlight videos, convergence journalism has given me the chance to learn and develop skills in video journalism. Through ONW Now, I have learned to find, go out and film, and edit stories. I have also learned how to be comfortable both in front of and behind the camera for news show productions. I have done countless stories throughout my time in e-Comm. I have also anchored both ONW Now and the Raven Minute — our Monday, Tuesday, and Friday weekly, solo-anchored show — multiple times.

Through my experience I have gained through e-Communications, I feel fully prepared to tackle any projects thrown my way. I look forward to getting ideas for projects and putting them to work. I can’t wait to get to work on my next project.